Vitaly Severov / Summer Shore

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" Summer Shore is the geographical name of the coastal area of the White Sea located on the eastern side of the Onegian Peninsula in the north of the Arkhangelsk Region. This book has the same title — Summer Shore. I spent my childhood on the outskirts of Severodvinsk by the White Sea."

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EditeurFotografika Publishing
Date de publication2020
Format10 х 19,4 cm
Nombre de pages52 pages, harmonica scroll
Nombre d'exemplaires125
SpécificationsInkjet printing. Hand stamped and numbered. Printed and maded by author, comes in clear plastic audiocassette case.

Our windows were facing west. Every evening, before plunging into darkness, the sun threw the last beams of light through the windows. Where the sun was setting, the coast disappeared behind the horizon. That world left me only memories and few things. But the shore is still there and I‘ve been dreaming about traveling there.

In this series, I try to understand how memories affect perception. The book is made as a harmonica scroll, placed in a transparent plastic audiocassette case. This form conveys the idea of time, rhythm and continuity. The book has linear narrative that unfolds itself through the recurring images of light.

The basis of human perception is vision; it is the perception of light. Ideas of light are at the core of human cultures. Light is the source of life, information, the sun is at the center of our world. The principles of time measurement are based on the movement of heavenly bodies. Time inevitably moves forward, life in its stream is inconstant and often doomed to fade away. When time stops, the movement and light also stop. Where time stood still, there would be nothing but darkness. So, imagine that everything has stopped. So far, your vision retains the afterimage of light — bright colored spots: as if, after looking directly at the sun, you close your eyes. But they fade away too, and complete darkness sets in, you get lost in it. The world that once surrounded you ceases to exist in its usual forms. Once in this darkness, you find yourself like a child in the face of the unknown, and at the same time in the face of yourself. You experience coldness and fear, loneliness, and the only thing you wish for is the return of light, variety, flashes and fades, because they are the life."

Photographed 2016-2018, White Sea, Summer Shore coastal area, Arkhangelsk region, Russia. Printed and maded by author,  comes in clear plastic audiocassette case.

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