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Yutaka Takanashi

Yutaka Takanashi


Yutaka Takanashi, a member of the important collective PROVOKE, has always had the city as the main subject of his images, looking for poetry and a new vocabulary in the city's design, streets, lives, its bars, from every corner and angle he could try out. This book was published for the Yutaka Takanashi exhibition at Fondation Henri Cartier Bresson in 2012 and displays a new sequencing of images from Toshi-e (Towards the city), Takanashi's revolutionary first book published after the end of Provoke and Machi (Town), his second book, the complete opposite of 'Toshi-e'. Through this new sequencing of images, it shows a fuller and broader spectrum of Takanashi's mastery of his art and the radical cut he brought up in photography.

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RM/Toluca Éditions, 2012
192 pages – 27,4 x 17,8 cm
73 photographies in color / 67 photographies in black and white