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Things Here and Things Still to Come / José Pedro Cortes

Things Here and Things Still to Come / José Pedro Cortes


José Pedro Cortes / Pierre von Kleist

"José Pedro Cortes and André Principe edit books under the logo Pierre von Kleist and are based in Portugal. They are responsible for the impressive facsimile reprint of Lisboa, a famous and very rare book from the 1950s. Both have recently published their own work and that of their contemporaries, establishing a platform for diverse practices in photography. Their primary interest for several years now has been Japanese photographers; they have produced a DVD of interviews with Araki and Moriyama, which also features a special visit to Nakahira Takuma. Cortes’ photography can perhaps be seen as influenced by Japanese work in mood and sentiment, but in his treatment of colour and subject it stands alone. During a nine-month stay in Tel Aviv he produced the images in this book, portraits of nine women and street scenes in colour and black-and-white, often over- or under-exposed or a touch of out of focus. This shifts the images away from the documentary into spheres of memory or allusion. The portraits, often nudes, are not embellished nor is there any sense of shying away from the women in front of the camera. They bear witness to an intimacy of some kind that has taken place and the street scenes or details invite the viewer in without disclosing their secrets. But first of all this is a beautiful book on Tel Aviv!" Sebastian Hau, for FOAM Magazine