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The Wrong Side / Jerome Sessini / SOLD OUT

The Wrong Side / Jerome Sessini / SOLD OUT


Jerome Sessini / Contrasto / SIGNED !

Magnum nominé Jerome Sessini has returned many times to the zone adjacent to the Mexican side of the border with the US to realize a complex and shocking essay on life there.

 This book, published by Contrasto, reminds us of the qualities of the straight documentary and journalistic style (I’m thinking Eugene Richards for example), with the photographer taking risks to descend into what from a bourgeois European perspective would seem like a hell of drugs, crime and violence.

Sessini is intent on showing as many sides to the story as he can, dwelling on the horrors of the place, with portraits and quiet descriptive scenes. The work does not shrink from the dire realities of the everyday life of the poor and marginalized. The respect and humility of the photographer can be felt throughout the tight sequence of 90 images. The so-called War on Drugs, a joint effort of the American and Mexican governments, is one of the most complex political undertakings today, in which the premises are just as uncertain as is the outcome. The role, importance, and strength of photography as a documentary medium is confirmed by this kind of work.”  Sebastian Hau for Foam Magazine.