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Sometimes I cannot Smile / Pier Casotti / SOLD OUT

Sometimes I cannot Smile / Pier Casotti / SOLD OUT


Piergiorgio Casotti


3The photographer describes his experiences while travelling in Greenland as « charming and scaring », and while the book and the choice of images play the first note in an allegro style more audibly than the second, there is a strange feeling, starting from the stencil on the book’s cover of unease. Among the photographs taken the of inuit communities, children at play, portraits, and scènes that could be inspired by Tobias Zielony or Larry Clark, there is an undertone of danger, in the conventional terms of a social documentation together with refined expression of the danger the photographer himself felt of getting lost. The book is a marvelous object, co-designed by Chiara Capodicci and Fiorenza Pinna of the Tre-terzi project in Rome, beautifully printed on Muncken-paper in light shades of black-and-white, with inserts and maps added. The sequencing of the photographs is interesting and varied, and with the added text one quickly forgets that this is a self-published book and slides into a larger and rather complex story, told on 168 pages." Sebastian Hau for FOAM Magazine