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Recruit / Hiroshi Okamoto (Hand-made - Signed & Numbered) / SOLD OUT

Recruit / Hiroshi Okamoto (Hand-made - Signed & Numbered) / SOLD OUT


In February 2013, Hiroshi Okamato received a message from his unemployed best friend from university telling him : "I want to die”. Presented as his friend Yo Toshino's application file, "Recruit" documents the job hunt of Yo and, more broadly, SYUKATSU, namely the frantic - and surely despair inducing - job search more than half a million japanese students go through after their studies. This numbered and signed hand-made book, limited to 147 copies,compiles Tokyo's skyline and cringe worthy job advertisements and company policies to intimate photos and clippings of emails and application letters, bringing in contrast the hopes of youth and the daily reality of the salarymen and those looking to enter the so-called workforce. Great design, slightly anxiety-inducing.


Hand made edition of 147 copies. Signed and numbered ( N°81 & 82).
Photographs & Text : Hiroshi Okamoto
Publisher : Reminders Photography Stronghold

Soft cover, elastic binding with the photo ID attached by a clip

27,3cm×19, 6cm×0.9cm

98 pages

Digital Print