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Norwegian Photography / Journal

Norwegian Photography / Journal


Journal publishing in collaboration with the Norwegian Journal of Photography / hardcover, 384 pages / 2013, 1000 copies


In this first edition, you can see Andrea Gjestvang’s story of young people in Finnmark County, Helge Skodvin’s Volvo 240 project and Marie Sjøvold’s study of people sleeping. Linda Bournane Engelberth shadowed the Roma people closely, while Ellen Lande Gossner documented the life of the deaconesses at Lovisenberg. Eivind H. Natvig travelled all over Norway and documented everyday life and realities, while Ingvild Vaale Arnesen explored young girls’ identities. Karin Beate Nøsterud observed life at the Paulus nursing home. Monica Larsen’s project in NJP #1 is about foreign women who take jobs cleaning Norwegian homes, while Oddleiv Apneseth travelled to western Norway and observed the Sogn and Fjordane Theatre, Norway’s smallest theatre.