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Nangokusho / Fujiwara Atsushi / SOLD OUT

Nangokusho / Fujiwara Atsushi / SOLD OUT


Fujiwara Atsushi / Sokyo-sha / SIGNED ! 

"Tokyo-based photographer Fujiwara returned to his native shores in the south of Japan with a passion for his family history and the landscapes of his youth, little spots alongside country roads or the sea where a teenager would play. His black-and-white photographs carry a sombre appeal within a rigid New Topographic framing. But when looking at thebook for a second time, the grey images shake of their heaviness, and the passing of time to which the photographer has dedicated this work becomes palpable. The book is impeccably produced by japanese publisher Sokyuo-sha, who only produce a handful of books each year, and elegantly designed by Koichi Hara."