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Mass / Hiroshi Takizawa

Mass / Hiroshi Takizawa


An interestingly formated book, released by Newfave in Japan, a publisher adept of editorial experimenting. Opening as a file and filed with cut up photographies, 'Mass' focuses on both this process of transformation of these raw materials as well as the process of making a tangible book. The photos featured in the book are of many sizes placed on two differently textured types of paper. The pages are separately cut and the size of each page differs from the next, a special kind of bookbinding being applied. As a result, every page of 'Mass' literally has a different mass, visually replicating opening up a new space every time a page is turned.

In his photographs Takizawa uses them to create new motifs. According to his own fetishism he warps, cuts and overlaps the images he recorded, transformed through the process of reproduction. He transforms the mass of the materials that are his subject by planarizing them, setting in motion the knowledge and memories of the viewer to help make sense visually of what is on the page in front of them. 

Hiroshi Takizawa, Mass
Newfave, 2015, 1st edition
300 pages
76 pages, 34,2 x 23,2cm