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Intendente / Andre Cepeda / SOLD OUT

Intendente / Andre Cepeda / SOLD OUT


Andre Cepeda / PVK & LE BAL BOOKS / handmade, 20 unique copies, signed & numbered, 2014


Series of 20 photographs of a work Mr. Cepeda has started in a part of Lisboa that is changing rapidly. "Intendente" is the name of this part of town, and although Mr. Cepeda says that it is not dangerous, he recommends not going there alone at night. But the photographer is not a thrill-seeker. His calm and trusting style, confronting and measuring people from all walks of life produces photographs and portraits that are touching, yes, even disorientating. But his clear and somber palette, gently working with available light, like a neo-neo-neo realist, provide a firm place from which to study the photographs. 

The book is handmade, stamped and stickered, and numbered. We have five last copies of this limited production that was made during a life editing event at LE BAL Books.