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Galaxie / Olivier Cablat

Galaxie / Olivier Cablat


Olivier Cablat / White Press / SIGNED ! 

Second edition of alltogether 150 copies. From a text by N. Giraud: "

The ensemble of images – deriving from one to another – designs a map of the unconscious of nightclubs. This ensemble stands as a psychoanalytical speech of the neutral buildings, in which one enters only through words. We will never see what happens inside, only the projected images.

From one stratum to the other, we are reminded that the empire of the image is built upon the empire of language, but on a secret language that does not easily disclose it’s low def fantasies. The book « Galaxie » is not only the presentation of two series of work by this artist, it is a visual machine, constantly refreshing commercial fantasies, where images are worn-out by dint of representing names of long-forgotten things."