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Conflict Resolution / Louis Porter

Conflict Resolution / Louis Porter


Louis Porter / Twenty Shelves Publishing  

"Australian artist Louis Porter has used his digital camera to document signs in the urban landscape that report struggle, such as nazi graffiti, emergency assembly points and “crap paint jobs” – and after selfpublishing parts of the work through fanzines has now combined them in a surprising book, again selfpublished, and designed by Pierre Hourquet of booksonline.fr. Each page carries as a denotation the title of the series along with the photograph, and the photographs of each series are printed on colored paper stock, the “discarded art” on a shiny blue backdrop, the “paper airplanes” on orange. This will certainly not be to everyone’s taste, but for this reviewer it works nicely and it enhances the offbeat humor of those deadpan photographs and the subversiveness of the book that has something of a company report (that is of an ailing company)." Sebastian Hau for FOAM Magazine