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Casa de Lava / Pedro Costa / SOLD OUT

Casa de Lava / Pedro Costa / SOLD OUT


Pedro Costa / Pierre van Kleist


Instant bestseller after it's launch in Arles at LE CLUB. Maybe because of -first-of-all (let's forget about design, printing, and production for a second) it's sheer artistic value?! The filmmaker Pedro Costa has authorized Pierre Van Kleist publishing to reprint his sketchbook, a sort of visual archive that leads him to conceive his film, which functions similar to a mood-board in an advertising agency (only that nether the sketch book nor the final product are boring). Well and yes, secondly, it is immaculately printed, produced and designed (this is the publisher that brought us the reprint of LISBOA, CIDADE TRISTE E ALEGRE), and it is accompanied by a text by Phillipe Azoury, english, french, portuguese.