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Avec toi / Jacob Aue Sobol / signed

Avec toi / Jacob Aue Sobol / signed


Jacob Aue Sobol / Maison du Denmark / softcover, oversized, 2014, 5 unbound posters, signed


A woman's face, the pores that stands out, and the fine hair that falls across her forehead, are sharply caught by the objective camera in I, Tokyo. The portrait almost changes the photograph's character - by looking at the photograph the viewer can feel or sense the skin's nature. This way of transforming photography is to a high extent the result of the hunter's experience and language: The taste of salt from a warm body; the movement behind the cut forelegs of a killed animal; patient observations in the surrounding environment. The knowledge and the many impressions gathered are thus used by the photographer Jacob Sobol, who himself trained for two years as a seal hunter in East Greenland, to articulate his own condensed iconographic language. >Extract from the catalogue by Johan Zimsen Kristiansen.