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A Cloud Of Black Smoke / Halil / SOLD OUT

A Cloud Of Black Smoke / Halil / SOLD OUT


Halil, & Collective  / SIGNED!

The book, which had already been published in 2009, has recently been rediscovered after it's nomination of the Discovery Award (Prix de la decouverte) of the Rencontres d'Arles Fotofestival. It's stark, shocking and touching images document the violence of the turkish military dictatorship against demonstrators (in 1968). The makers of the book surely learned their lessons by studying Koudelka's Prague 1968 among others, but have realized a statement in it's own right about history, documents and the uses of photography. 


Images faites par un collective turque socialiste fait en clandestine pendant les manifestations des années 70 à Istanbul. Publié dans une forme qui reconcilie les besoins de la documentation soigneuse et une interprétation artistique. 


Sorry, sold out!