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78 BOXERS / Nicolai Howalt / signed / SOLD OUT

78 BOXERS / Nicolai Howalt / signed / SOLD OUT


Nicolai Howalt / Hjörring / softcover, 2011


Nicolai Howalt's very frontal approach to some of his subjects, such as cars after a crash, or young men after a boxing match, makes one forget that his interests are larger and somewhat less prosaic than might seem at first glance. The text on the cover gives an indication of this "Boys, boxed in by gender, by the tightness of the image, framed by the before and after" and underlines that it wouldn't just suffice to call upon that old pair "beauty & vulnerability" to describe what interests the photographer. 

The book, in the size of a novel or one of those larger mobile phones, feels a little more heavy than it's size would suggest, voilà a short resumé of a book that we think quite impressive.