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2013 Ikebukuro - Daido Moriyama

2013 Ikebukuro - Daido Moriyama


Daido Moriyama / SIGNED!

A partir d’une sélection de 50 images de sa dernière série, Ikebukuro* 2013, l’objectif est de produire 200 livres, entre 10H et 16H, dans la salle du RDC du Bal. Chaque participant pourra choisir 30 images afin d’éditer son propre livre qui sera ensuite imprimé en Risograph, puis relié et puis signé par Daido Moriyama. kebukuro, c’est le quartier de Daido Moriyama a Tokyo. Au coeur de la ville chaotique, la jeunesse excentrique et les animaux grouillent sur les trottoirs, dans les arrière-cours et les terrains vagues. «2013 Ikebukuro» ne fait pourtant pas le récit du quartier et de ses habitants, c’est une déferlante d’€™images réalisées par un Daido Moriyama aux aguets.


LE BAL Books is organising a one-day book printing show with the aim of producing 200 unique books with Daido Moriyama. Together with Aprés Midi Lab, who will bring their new Risograph printer, and directed together with Pierre Hourquet we will present 50 images from a new series calles Ikebukuro 2013, taking it’s name from the part of Tokyo where Moriyama has been living the last 20 years. We decided to publish this series as a departure from more generic books about Tokyo or New York, and to avoid publishing already published work. Our interest lies in discovering the richness of Moriyama’s production today, which we think is as relevant as his classic material recently shown and reprinted. His photographs from this year carry that mystifying mixture of shock and introversion and let us discover a part of Tokyo in urbanistic transformation – the hometown of Moriyama and another planet at the same time! Participants in the workshop can chose around 30 images to make a book in their own edit, creating a unique book with different covers. The design is coordinated by Pierre Hourquet and Antoine Seiter.  From ten o’clock in the morning on tuesday, the 9th of July, participants can work on their edit until 16hrs. The books will then be bound at LE BAL by book artist Laurel Parker, and then signed by Daido Moriyama. The books will not be numbered, as each is unique.