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#1 Untitled Records / Keizo Kitajima / signed

#1 Untitled Records / Keizo Kitajima / signed


Keizo Kitajima / magazine, softcover, 2014 / signed


As one of our collectors has remarked, "only the japanese know how to do it" .. A publication in the form (and at the price of a magazine) that feels at once "light" and concentrated and still has all the seriousness of a photographic commitment that transcends it's subject matter - a documentation on habitation in contemporary Hiroshima. 

Kitajima-san, who was once described by Daido Moriyama himself as "more than my best student", who after years and years of relentless photographing in the streets of Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Prague, etc, has concentrated his work on longterm portrait studies and a higly concentrated approach to the formal aspects of architecture and their relation to the human experience. 


On vimeo.