Mao Ishikawa / Bad Ass and Beauty - One love

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ISHIKAWA Mao (1953-), an Okinawa based photographer who has been widely introduced abroad and continues to actively take photographs. Her photographs capture the power of people's lives themselves, questioning how they should live as individuals, despite the contradictions and conflicts that come with being trapped in their positions.

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Plus de détails

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EditeurT&M Projects
Date de publicationMarch 2021
Format21 x 29.8 cm
Nombre de pages408
Langue(s)English / Japanese

This 408-pages book contains all 15 series of Ishikawa's works, from her early work "Akabanaa" to her latest work “The Great Ryukyu Photo Scroll,” as well as essays by various experts, a chronology of Ishikawa's life, and a bibliography. This is intended to accompany Ishikawa's first solo exhibition at a museum, to be held at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum from March 2021.

Essays: Fumiaki Kamegai, Fumiko Nakamura, SunHye Cho, Isao Nakazato, Greg Dvorak
Design: Hikari Machiguchi

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