Osamu Kanemura / German Suplex

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Second tabloid style catalogue by Osamu Kanemura after My Name is Shockhammer. The photographs were taken on the occasion of his first visit to Germany in 2004. Kanemura captured the cityscapes in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Cologne.

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Plus de détails

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Date de publicationOctober 2008
Format29,8 cm x 42 cm
Nombre de pages16 pages
Nombre d'exemplaires1000
SpécificationsTabloid format

Osamu Kanemura, whose body of work tries to capture the chaotic, diverse and thrilling character of his hometown Tokyo with imaginative composition and a focus on individual aspects, applied his signature style to the cities of Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin during his first visit to Germany in the year 2004.

The photographs he took of the German cityscapes profit from a certain vitality and energy usually not found in German city photography. However, he did not start into the project without worries:

“There was an inner resistance against the thought of photographing abroad. Anything I will look at will have a certain exoticism to it that will render picture-taking too easy. I believe it to be the fate of simple photography that its results will hardly be anything but simple themselves.”

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