New York Graffiti / Mervyn Kurlansky & Jon Naar

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New York Graffiti is the Dutch edition (1974) of the rare book The Faith of Graffiti directed by Mervyn Kurlansky and Jon Naar with text by writer Norman Mailer.

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Plus de détails

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EditeurIt Books
Format24.13 x 1.91 x 32.39 cm
Nombre de pages128 pages

 This incredible book transports the reader to 1970s New York through a series of images of the graffiti that plentifully adorned city walls and subway trains at the time. Written during a great period of social turbulence, the essay written by Mailer was controversial upon its release. Indeed, in opposition to public opinion and the official "anti-graffiti" policy of the city, he asserted this one as being an artistic form similar to any other, a position which was not to the liking of everybody. (Text in Dutch)

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