Takuma Nakahira / For a language to Come

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Published in 1970, For a Language to Come is recorded in the history of photography as the first photobook by Takuma Nakahira, the photographer who brought about a turning point in contemporary Japanese photography from the late 1960s to the early 1970s by radically breaking away from the existing image aesthetics at that time.

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Plus de détails

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Date de publication2010
Format30 x 20,85 cm
Nombre de pages160

This book consists of one hundred black and white photographs including his work from the legendary photography magazine Provoke.

This sold-out reprint from 2010 (Osiris) is an exact facsimile to the original series to the exception of the cover, which has been redesigned entirely. The book is in almost perfect condition and comes with the leaflet. Scarce!

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