Miguel Rio Branco / Silent Book

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Silent Book presents a compelling portrait of the latin world, composing a Baroque panel with ruined objects, poor circuses, brothels and cheap boxing gyms. The images expose urban life with extreme lyricism contrasting affection and violence.

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Plus de détails

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Editeur Cosac Naify
Date de publication2012
Format20 x 20 cm
Nombre de pages92 pages, 77 illlustrations
ISBN 9788586374210

"[Miguel Rio Branco's] is a full-blooded Roman Catholic art, its frequent sanguinary references alluding both to the central sacrament of that religion and the violent history of Latin America. Like that of Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Branco's art deals with the cultural complexities of the area, even when he makes a photograph elsewhere...'describes a world that, while intensely physical, made of blood, sweat and matter, is dark and shadowy, described . in sideways glances and mysterious half-lights. [Silent Book] begins with an enigmatic image of an ominous, half-open doorway, followed by one of a glittering knife, and we are soon at the heart of the matter - the dark, sweaty Santa Rosa gym. The recurring metaphors revolve around violence, death, religion, poverty. His images of the gym, and also of a bullfight, suggest that the sacramental violence offered in sport is not, as some suggest, an incitement to violence outside, but a way to mitigate or break the cycle" - Parr & Badge

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