Antoine d'Agata / Insomnia

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These highly charged images by Antoine d'Agata unveil a world of sex, drugs and decay.

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EditeurImages en Manoeuvres Editions
Date de publication2003
Format22 x 27 cm (approx.)
Nombre de pages192
Langue(s)English, french

“The night, the sex, the wandering... The need to record, not as a deliberate act, but as a flat pattern of regular and extreme experiences. A practice inseparable from a particular way of looking at life, where the risk, the desire, the unconscious remains the essential elements. No moral attitude there, no judgment, but the need to explore some universes, share them through, without any precautions... It is a passage to the act of writing, to the verge of extinction, enjoyment and death.” (Antoine d'Agata)

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