Madeleine de Sinéty / Un Village

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33,280 color slides, 23,076 black and white negatives: it is with this concise list that one of the hundreds of pages of the diary kept by Madeleine de Sinéty could have started. 

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EditeurGwinZegal Editions
Date de publicationseptembre 2020
Format23 × 21 cm

The quality of his relationship with the photographed beings, the theater of their gestures, the intimacy, the richness and the diversity of the encounters made in Poilley, a small village 60 kilometers north of Rennes, overflow on all sides with the enormous accumulation of 'images. Born in 1934, the photographer will have lived in Poilley from 1972 to 1982. She will subsequently make numerous trips there from the United States, where she had established her residence. Died in 2011, she will not have had time to order this archive herself. Only black and white had been unveiled during an exhibition at the BNF and another at the Museum of Art in Portland. It is therefore without her, with Peter, her son, that we have seized the fund of color images and that we have sought, as humbly and faithfully as possible, to highlight her company, which is neither the one of a photographer responding to a commission, or that of an anthropologist? but the business of living as an artist sharing the life of a tight-knit community, of a rapidly changing rural microcosm on the verge of modernity; photos in n.b. and in color.

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