Ari Marcopoulos / Conrad McRae Youth League Tournament

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These photographs were taken by Ari Marcopoulos at the Conrad McRae Youth League Summer Tournament at Dean Street Playground in Brooklyn, NY, between 2014 and 2019. The yearly tournament began in the summer of 2000 in memory of Conrad Bastien McRae (1971-2000).

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Date de publication2020
Format16 x 22 cm
Nombre de pages816
Nombre d'exemplaires900
Spécifications4 different covers, randomly mixed

McRae was an exceptionally talented basketball player, who had a successful career in Europe playing for teams in France, Italy, Greece and Turkey. He died in the summer of 2000 during practice at the Orlando Magic Camp in Irving, CA. His childhood friends, Anton Marchand, Cleon "Silk" Hyde and Troy Lemond, keep McRae's legacy alive every summer. The tournament has players from 6 years old and up and features some of the best basketball high school players from the greater New York area. With text contributions by Andrea Lissoni, Damani McNeil, and Ari Marcopoulos.

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