Soggetto nomade

Lisetta Carmi, Elisabetta Catalano, Paola Agosti, Letizia Battaglia, Marialba Russo

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Female identity through the images of five Italian women photographers, 1965-1985: a reflection on identity and its representation in recent history.

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EditeurCentro Pecci / Nero editions
Date de publicationNovember 2020
Format22 x 26.5 cm
Nombre de pages160
Langue(s)English / Italian

Soggetto nomade (Nomadic Subject) gathers, for the first time in one volume, shots taken by five Italian photographers between the mid 60s to the 80s. The photographs are giving glimpses on the way female subjectivity was lived, represented and interpreted back in the days, in a time of great social change in Italy. Years of transition from political radicalism to hedonism, the lead years were also years of great participation and civil conquests, mostly due to the feminist struggle.

This book is a visual reflection on identity and representation departing from the extraordinary portraits of the transvenstite community in Genoa by Lisetta Carmi (Genoa, 1924), followed by the portraits of actress, writers and artists by Elisabetta Catalano (Rome, 1941-2015); the feminist movements' shots by Paola Agosti (Turin, 1947); women and young women captured by Letizia Battaglia (Palermo, 1935) in a Sicily disfigured by the mafia; to end with the photos of men who used to turn into women for a day, during carnival, in the small towns of Campania captured by Marialba Russo (Naples, 1947).

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