Debi Cornwall / Necessary Fictions

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What are the stories we tell ourselves, the games we play, to manage unsettling realities? Necessary Fictions explores the performance of American power and identity in the post-9/11 era.

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EditeurRadius Books
Date de publication2020
Format9 x 12 inches
Nombre de pages105 images / 105 images

 During trips to ten military bases across the United States since 2016, DEBI CORNWALL documented mock-village landscapes in the fictional country of “Atropia” and its denizens, roleplayers who enact versions of their past or future selves in realistic training scenarios. Costumed Afghan and Iraqi civilians, many of whom have fled war, now recreate it in the service of the U.S. military. Real soldiers pose in front of camouflage backdrops, dressed by Hollywood makeup artists in “moulage”—fake wounds—as they prepare to deploy.

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