Leonard Freed / Black in White America 1963 - 1965

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Leonard Freed’s seminal civil rights photo essay, Black in White America, was first published in 1968. This newly-expanded 2020 edition includes unseen photographs, as well as Freed’s most iconic work and is the definitive collection of his photographs from the time.

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EditeurMuseum Getty J.paul
Date de publication2010
Format 25.4 x 2.54 x 31.12 cm
Nombre de pages192 pages
ISBN 978-1-909526-77-8

The images have been carefully reproduced from the original negatives and using vintage prints created by Freed’s master printer and widow, Brigitte Freed, as reference. The photographs have never been printed in such quality before, the clarity of print serving to bring home the singular power of Freed’s talent as a socially-conscious documentarian. 
This extraordinary work is a vital historical record and includes pivotal moments in the civil rights movement, such as the March on Washington and the Selma to Montgomery marches. It is also a nuanced journey into the ordinary, joyful, difficult lives of marginalized Black communities living within a deeply divided nation. It is a stark reminder of a journey that is ongoing and conveys with power and dignity the exhausting, endless struggle of being Black in white America.

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