Stéphanie Solinas / Le Guide du pourquoi pas ?

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Jean-Martin Charcot, founder of modern neurology, explorer of the soul, worked as chief physician at the Salpêtrière in Paris. His son, Jean-Baptiste Charcot, dreamed of being a sailor from childhood; he surveyed the poles, and died in 1936 in the sinking of his boat, the Pourquoi-Pas? IV, off Reykjavik.

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Date de publication01/10/2020
Format13,2 cm × 18,6 cm × 1,7 cm
Nombre de pages189 pages
Spécificationspaperback book

 Let’s take a simplified map of Iceland, flip it over on itself, and we have the drawing of a brain. And vice versa: a brain, spinning, and this is Iceland. Like father, like son. Therefore, will we be surprised that this island is, of common knowledge, the land of elves, ghosts, dark forces? The dead may not be that much, the living have more than one foot in the grave: an eye, an ear. Stéphanie Solinas went to collect the words of scientists, mediums, artists, in the land of invisible presences, volcanoes and shared genes. It offers us a dreamy topography, between laboratories and beliefs. Do Elves and Hidden People Exist? What are our identities made of? Beyond Iceland, Stéphanie Solinas explores and reveals our not necessarily so clear relationship to the irrational, to magic, to mystery. Hardened Cartesians will be careful not to turn the pages of this book. The others will dive into it, at the risk of dizziness full of humor and downright stunning.

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