Rinko Kawauchi / As it is

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A blue sky. A sparkling river. The birth of a new life. Here are the first three photographs from the book “As it is” by Rinko Kawauchi. With this new work, the photographer plunges back into her personal universe through themes that are dear to her: family, memory and time.

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EditeurChose Commune
Date de publicationoctober 2020
Format18 x 23 cm
Nombre de pages144 pages
Langue(s)French / English

This book presents a succession of innocuous moments and gestures - a spider web, a bowl of rice, a small hand pointing at an insect - and more important moments - her daughter's first steps, family outings, death. of a loved one. This personal story is punctuated by photographs from the kitchen window showing the passing of the seasons, short texts by Rinko Kawauchi scattered throughout the sequence as well as numerous comings and goings between inside and outside, always with the same proximity. Through her unique eyes, Rinko Kawauchi captures with simplicity the fleeting beauty of suspended moments, and tells the story of an ordinary family who go through life "as it is". This book was designed and produced in close collaboration with the Japanese publishing house torch press.

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