Javier Viver / Cristos y anticristos

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On a pocket copy of the Gospel according to Saint Matthew, published in 1930, Javier Viver incorporates photographs of the Spanish Civil War and the desecration of religious images, in the form of an illustrated bible.

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EditeurEditorial RM
Date de publication2020
Format 13 x 9 cm
Nombre de pages192 pages

But, beyond the illustration of the text, Viver composes a surprising visual story based on the sequencing of archive images as he did in his previous photobook Révélations with images from the Iconographie de la Salpêtrière, a book that won the National Award for best book of art 2015.

In this particular contribution to historical memory, Viver intends to overcome the simplistic readings that ideology imposed on both sides, to discover the Christs and Antichrists in human gestures and attitudes through the most beautiful images of the Civil War and its protagonists. A book that proposes overcoming the conflict through memory and understanding the human background that runs through it.

Of particular interest are the photographs of the desecrated images, in which the traces of passion represented by the images are documented, reaching insurmountable levels of realism. The volume is accompanied by a collection of micro-perforated prints, similar to the ration cards of those years, to cut out and introduce in the different passages of the book. They are images of the War posters that seem to reproduce literally some of the photographs shown. A game in which the author invites the reader to participate in order to complete the story and in which the document and the fiction, the reality and the represented coexist and question their limits.

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