Linder Sterling / Linderism

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Accompanying the first in-depth survey of her work in the UK, Linderism offers four new perspectives on Linder's wide-ranging practice by James Boaden, Alyce Mahon, Amy Tobin and Sarah Victoria Turner.

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EditeurKettle's Yard / Koenig Books
Date de publication2020
Format28 x 20 cm
Nombre de pages124

The essays address Linder's early photomontages forged in the crucible of punk and post-punk culture in the North-West of England, as well as more recent shifts in her practice encompassing spirituality, the occult, and the surreal. Linderism is fully illustrated including extensive documentation of working drawings, and research images - the materials that have long formed the basis of her practice - as well as documentation of works included in the survey exhibition.

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