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NEOs explores a new cycle of capitalization that has been unfolding practically unnoticed for nearly twenty years. The work was prompted by the government of Luxembourg's announcement of SpaceResources, the first-ever space program designed to mine asteroids and near-earth objects (NEOs).

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Plus de détails

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Date de publicationMars 2019
Format24 x 30 cm
Nombre d'exemplaires500

Based on remains, debris and memories, Ezio D'Agostino is gradually constructing a visual and political hypothesis about the possible repercussions of this new cycle of extractivism in our late capitalist times. On one level, this archaeology is a visual analysis of the development of new capture devices, but at the same time it is a practice that questions the potential role of photography—not as a portrait of what has been, but of the gestures that are unfolding. In the porosity of his images there is one question that resonates inexorably: how do we materially inscribe that which has no space?

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