Adnan Farzat / لحظات منسية

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In 2004, at the age of 21, photographer Adnan Farzat decided to settle in the country his parents fled 20 years ago : Syria, where he would live for 3 years.

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Plus de détails

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EditeurEditions Nuit Noire
Date de publication2021
Format14,8 x 21 cm
Nombre de pages36
Nombre d'exemplaires100

Without knowing it, he immediately took the first pictures of what would become لحظات منسية, Forgotten Moments.
He walks every day through the streets, seeking to immerse himself in the daily life of this country that he knows deeply while being a foreigner.
Randomly of its meetings and its walks, he compulsively collects these snapshots, like a logbook, mainly not to forget.
The choice of printing in risography increase this feeling of past memories, as erased over time, the photographs are almost nothing more than mental images.
This collection by Adnan Farzat takes us back to that distant period that history increasingly erases, those forgotten moments.

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