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Memorial / Julián Barón

Memorial / Julián Barón


Don't be surprised when you receive this book as there actually is no book! Two unique hand-made silkscreen printed cardboard covers held together by an elastic rubber make up the object. Inside, a single sheet of paper explain it's purpose with a download link to a huge archive that has to be printed and put in between the cardboards.

These images account for the meeting between Julián and the archive that Yuyachkani theatre group disposes for the public at the entrance of Sin título, técnica mixta [Untitled, mixed media], a production that questions the construction of Peruvian historical memory. The archive invites us to delve into newspaper clippings, photographs, school books, artistic images and other documents before entering the room where the scenic action takes place. The entire production examines the Guerra del Pacífico (1873-1889) and the Conflicto Armado Interno (1980-2000), two wars that define Peru’s republican era and reveal the history of the country’s fractures.

Memorial is a series of photocopies marked by the manual manipulation of each of its documents. Traces, decompositions, creases, slippings, glazings, grain degradation, fragments, inversions, double exposure. Its title leads us directly to the process of establishing certain things -events, characters, symbols- that define our shared history.

A very surprising object, thought outside the box and the more "traditional" spectrum of the book, highly recommended for real photobook collectors. 

KWY Ediciones. Lima, 2017
Archive: Grupo Yuyachkani
Photocopies: Julián Barón
Silk-screens: Alex Ángeles
Text: Mijail Mitrovic
Two cardboard covers + silk-screen on both sides + industrial elastic rubber
29 x 21 cm
First edition of 300 copies