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25 Jun '14

greatleapsideways: "Many of us are prepared to believe that...

Posted by LE BAL BOOKS


"Many of us are prepared to believe that the unintended consequence is the chief product of our technology. Yet it gives us at least a degree of mastery over the world. It is in our experience of art that we have no control, nor should we hope for any. The images in Evidence pose questions of form and content, of intention and meaning, that permit no resolution. Our facilities roused, as William Blake puts it, we continue along the ever-branching paths of speculation. The further we go, the richer and more elusive our findings, and our stopping points can only be arbitrary. Evidence is inexhaustible.”

— Carter Ratcliff “Confronting Evidence” in Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel (2012). Photographs from Evidence, by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel.