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07 May '14

cinephilearchive: A quest into the film-style of one of the...

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A quest into the film-style of one of the greatest masters of the cinema. ‘The Road to Bresson’ is a 1984 documentary by Leo de Boer and Jurrien Rood featuring interviews with filmmakers Louis Malle, Paul Schrader, and Andrei Tarkovsky.

Cinema is not that: it has to express not through images, but through their relation to one another, which is not the same thing at all. Just like a painter who does not use colours, but their correlation; blue is blue in itself, but next to green, red or yellow, it is not the same blue anymore: it changes. The aim is for the film to be made of such a correlation of images, you take two images; they are neutral, but all of a sudden, next to each other, they vibrate, life enters them: and it is not really the life of the story or of the characters, it’s the life of the film. Robert Bresson on Film and Filmmaking

Also recommended viewing: ‘Cinéastes de notre temps: Robert Bresson — Without a Trace’ (‘Ni vu, ni connu’) in which the director gives his first on-camera interview.

Orson Welles presents Robert Bresson and Andrei Tarkovsky with Best Director honors at the 1983 Cannes Film Festival.

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