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    Empires, by their very nature, embody and formalise difference, both between metropolis / colony and colonial subjects. Imperial imaginary floods popular culture. Gender categories were one kind of bio-logic “new tradition” European colonialism institutionalized in most of African cultures. 

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    Une fabuleuse somme collective, un livre manifeste, un ouvrage de référence Cet ouvrage illustré par 450 images, présente les œuvres de 300 femmes photographes du monde entier, de l’invention du médium jusqu’à l’aube du xxie siècle.

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    The last chapter of the trilogy that has followed the cultural turmoil that the US has lived in the last 4 years. The third volume continues to paint an uncertain present and future.

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    A tremendous feat of bookmaking, Taryn Simon’s The Color of a Flea’s Eye deploys prints, postcards and other ephemera to explore the organization of visual information through the New York Public Library's beloved archive

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    Leonard Freed’s seminal civil rights photo essay, Black in White America, was first published in 1968. This newly-expanded 2020 edition includes unseen photographs, as well as Freed’s most iconic work and is the definitive collection of his photographs from the time.

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    On April 22, 1970, the centenary of Lenin's birth, the foundation stone was laid in the Kola Peninsula, on the edges of the USSR, where the deepest hole in the world were going to be drilled. 

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    This publication examines the most interesting and innovative photographic books appearing in the decade in which “modern” photography developed in Italy. 

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    Bertrand Cavalier investigates how political upheaval becomes visible in the urban landscape and how this affects the lives of the people who live in it. He photographs places that have been marked by armed conflicts in the past. 

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Montrer 17 - 24 de 532 articles