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    This book gathers a series of photographs that who shares the idea of self recognition Memory as a starting point, places, desires, yearningds, dreams and family.

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    In the late 60s to early 70s,Boris Mikhailov has overlapped two color slides,creating fascinating “sandwiches”, beautifully composed tableaux of glamorous naked women,surreal urban landscapes and strange scenes of everyday Soviet life.

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    A while ago, I received a request from Issei Suda, asking me for advice regarding a set of photographs he wanted to put together in a book. He explained to me that, among the snapshots he was taking day by day, there were always images containing eyes somewhere in the streets that caught his attention, and that he ended up shooting without really knowing...

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    Sharon Stone, La Vie des Animaux - Vol.1 is the first of a series of artist's books self-published by belgian photographer Vincent Delbrouck. This volume is entierely composed of collages and pantings created during summer 2019 by V.D at home, in the studio and the garden.

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    Conceived of and sequenced by Andrew Roth, Sunshine Hotel assembles 175 photos made between 1969 and 2018—more than half previously unpublished. Yet the book is not simply a retrospective. It traces both the evolution of an artist and the development of a country, revealing Epstein’s formal and thematic shifts in tandem with America’s changing zeitgeist...

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    With Family Car Trouble, Gus Powell plays with the form of the novel, both as material object and as narrative vehicle for expressing interior life.

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    For his notorious Park photos, taken by night in Tokyo’s Shinjuku, Yoyogi, and Aoyama parks during the 1970s, Kohei Yoshiyuki used a 35mm camera, infrared film and flash to capture a secret community of lovers and voyeurs.

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    Who Is Michael Jang ? a retrospective monograph spanning the career of photographer Michael Jang.

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Montrer 9 - 16 de 338 articles