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    A photography quarterly published during the early 90s, déjà-vu offered a distinctively freeing avenue to the reading and interpretation of the medium, its interpretations and experiences.

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    The Japanese photographer's first book published in 1971, Maybe Maybe is a small masterpiece of black and white photographic book, sensitively capturing the social landscape of the United States during the Vietnam War.

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    À partir de lettres écrites lors de ses voyages sur différents continents, un caméraman, Sandor Krasna, questionne son rapport aux images qu'il filme, met en parallèle les civilisations et interroge la place de l'Homme dans le monde.

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    Air travel has informed Ari Marcopoulos’ life more than most. Beyond a necessary mode of transport, the passenger plane has proved something of quiet point of obsession for the Amsterdam-born, New York-based photographer and filmmaker.

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    How to make images matter? The search for new narrative forms in the field of photojournalism and documentary photography – stretching perspectives beyond the conventional understanding of the documentary form – was a central motivation behind Images in Conflict / Bilder im Konflikt. 

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    Pale Blue · is a tribute to an iconic photograph and an iconic figure, astronomer Carl Sagan. This photograph is the one showing the planet Earth, taken on February 14, 1990 by the Voyager 1 space probe at a record distance of approximately 6 billion kilometers, forming part of the Family Portrait (set of photographs of the solar system taken that day ). 

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    Eva Louisa Jonas photographs and brings together shapes and surfaces that she delicately combines. These objects or situations encountered are both peripheral and intimate. 

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    Dash Snow (1981–2009) is best known for his sculptural installations, collages, and photographs. Snow has exhibited in galleries and museums such as the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Whitney Biennale, Deitch Projects and CFA Gallery in Berlin.

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Montrer 9 - 16 de 511 articles