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Les livres publiés en co-édition par le BAL et des éditeurs de référence comme MACK, Steidl, Éditions Xavier Barral, RVB Books, Filigranes

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    LE BAL wishes to encourage the creation and distribution of artists' books. From this ambition was born the Anti-collection, built on a simple principle: a talented graphic designer seizes a work never published by a photographer, videographer, or filmmaker, and designs, in dialogue with them, a limited edition of a book-object with a head print, numbered...

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    To coincide with the exhibition, LE BAL and the Xavier Barral Editions co-publish the book « S’il y a lieu je pars avec vous ». 

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  • 35,07 € En stock ours

    To coincide with the exhibition devoted to Mark Lewis In 2015, le BAL publish in 1000 copies the catalog Above and Below, and present 7 different series from The Pitch (1998) to Above and Below the Minhocao (2014). 

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  • 45,50 € En stock ours

    To coincide with the exhibition Common Objects presented by LE BAL in 2014, this book-object creates a visual interaction between the pictures of Baltz and some extracts from his movies. Conceived by Pierre Hourquet and co-publish with Steidl. 

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  • 33,18 € Livre disponible ours

    LE BAL is presenting a monographic exhibition devoted to Dutch artist, poet and photographer Gerard P. Fieret (1924-2009), the first to take place outside Holland. To go along with the exhibition, LE BAL and Xavier Barral Éditions co-publish the book Gerard Petrus Fieret. 

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  • 100,00 € En rupture de stock ours

    This catalogue accompanies the first exhibition ever to be held about the magazine and its creators and focuses on its historical context. It covers the preliminary period leading to its first and the aftermath following its last issue. Provoke takes shape as a strongly interpretative explanation of currents in Japanese art and society at a moment of...

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Montrer 41 - 46 de 46 articles